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ASTER MEDISPRO PRIVATE LIMITED is located at Bangalore, Karnataka, India with about 14000 Sq.ft. build up area includes 4000 sq.ft. of class 100000 and class 10000 clean room areas in three floors with a separate in-house Extrusion Division. Centralised Air-Condition provided to maintain Dust Free floors with stringent medical norms. The assembly section is carried out in a dust proof Air conditioned Clean Room (ACR).

'Quality' and 'Service' are the motto of the organisation with a commitment to cater the needs of the developing medical technology.

The basic raw materials are imported from United States of America and of high quality. All materials are approved Non Toxic Medical Grade Polyurethane, Medical Grade Polypropylene, Medical Grade LDPE, Medical Grade PTFE etc.

The company can produce different sizes of tubes as per stringent Medical norms utilized for the specified purposes. This wide range of superior quality products are mainly non-toxic items packed in a compact and attractive pouches demarcating the specification etc. by way of a sticker for easy reference and also for storing and handling. All the products are sterilized and packed in such a way that it can be preserved for a long time without any damage or contamination. Since these products are handled directly by the doctors for their therapeutic use, it is pre-approved by them in quality and design.

Our Mission